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The World's Greatest Disasters

Join Comedians Phil Jerrod and Phil Lucas as they discuss the World’s Greatest Disasters!

Every fortnight Phil and Phil discuss a new catastrophe - from global mega disasters like the Black Death and Spanish Flu to disastrous speeches, aborted theme parks, and failed soap operas.

It’s dark, funny, bleak, and sometimes a little bit sad, but always entertaining.

If you’re tired of True Crime, but still want something a bit dark on your brutal commute to work you’ll love the CB Wallop Podcast.



Insightful, despairing wit ⭑⭑⭑⭑ – The Scotsman
Mr Lucas is wonderfully funny. Our new favourite thing - The Huffington Post

Made me genuinely laugh out loud – The Brighton Argus

Great chemistry. I’d defy anybody not to be cheered up by their wit on a miserable commute - The Guardian



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